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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Haul Post | Forever 21, ASOS, H&M and more...

if you read my blog then you'll know i can resist nothing more than a good haul every now and then! this little big bundle is from a few different shopping trips and built up over a few weeks, and not all in one go (although a trip to Westfield is always a dangerous one...), so i thought I'd share my most recent purchases with you all. no doubt i'll end up posting another haul just before i go away on holiday with my last minute purchases, so shall see you all for another haul post then, but in the meantime let's apologise to my bank balance and look at these beauties...  p.s. picture heavy!

up until recently, i have never been an eyeshadow-wearer or worn anything on my eye except for eyeliner and mascara, but i thought it was about time this all changed so i'm breaking myself in lightly with really neutral shades. i went to the press day for these Collection Eyeshadow Pencils and knew the minute i saw them that I'd be buying them, especially at just £3.19 (the pictures wrong, sorry!). i've been enjoying using Hot Chocolate as a liner on my upper lids, and Vanilla Sky as a highlighter on my inner eye. I also picked up this H&M Nudes Palette because I think it will be great for travelling and cover any eyeshadow needs i shall have on my holidays.

now i am an avid ASOS shopper, so when an e-mail dropped into my inbox about a certain little 30% off beauty sale we all knew it was going to end badly. i didn't realise how many drugstore brands they actually stocked, so i picked up a few bits whilst i could get a little more money off than by regular student 10% in superdrug. i'd had my eye on Barry M Lip Paint in 151 Sunset for a few weeks so this went in my bag straight away for just £3 and my oh my is it the purdiest little colour you ever did see! it's such a wearable, everyday red shade with orangey undertones and i am in l-o-v-e! i also nabbed a Bourjois Blusher in 95 Rose de Jaspe because i can never resist me a blusher, especially when it's only £5.50, and the Bourjois Delice de Soleil Bronzing Powder for Fair/Medium skin for £6.50 because i've managed to lose my other bronzer at my boyfriends house!

if you read my latest monthly update post, then you'll know i'm determined to expand my makeup collection at the moment, and i've done a pretty good job with lipsticks so far! being a One Direction fan, of course i couldn't resist picking up some bits from their latest collab with MUA (which i doubt they even know they've done...) and i went for two of the lipstick shades - I Want (Liam) and Be Mine (Harry). Kiss You is my ideal lip colour and the exact shade i would usually go for - an orange based red which actually has a shimmery sheen to it, which you can't see in the swatch - and being a Harry girl, i couldn't not get Be Mine which is a gorgeous deep red shade which will be perfect for winter. these were just £3 each, and although they aren't particularly moisturising, they sure have some staying power! i also ordered another lipstick with my ASOS order but forgot to photograph it all together, and that came in the form of Barry M Lip Paint in 161 Flamingo Peach. although it looks very similar to I Want in the tube, it's actually a lot more sheer and a pink based coral rather than a red. again, this one was reduced to just £3.

my next make-up purchases come in the form of this Accessorize Merged Blusher in 5 - Sensation and the L'Oreal Super Liner Brow Artist Pencil in Blonde. 'but you're brunette!' i hear you all cry, and this was my thought too, but the brunette shade just looked too dark on my brows and the blonde actually matched the current powder i use to fill my brows, so there you go. this was £5.49 and i'm looking forward to trying it out. the blush was £4.95 and is a gorgeous shimmery pink which i actually picked up to use as a highlighter which looks fab with a really light dusting!

i picked up a few skincare-esque bits recently too! with my holidays coming up soon, i want something that's a little lighter on my skin that a foundation, so after trawling through many a review, i settled on the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in Light and picked it up on offer in Superdrug for £6.66. I've only used it a couple of times and am really liking it so far. I also picked up Garnier's 5 Sec Perfect Blur and i will admit that i bought this based on a super convincing advert for it in a magazine, but have since learned it is also Louise from A Sprinkle of Glitter's favourite primer too, so i very much trust her judgement. it is doing a good job of evening out my skintone in the week or so that i've had it, and last time i checked it was on offer in trusty old Tesco for £8.88. the L'Oreal Micellar Water  was on a half price offer, so i picked some up to try as i'm almost out of my current one (which i shall be reviewing soon!) and just a repurchase of some Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo because i'd just run out!

have you noticed i've gone a little bit make-up mad recently? sometimes i just feel like i need a new nail polish and NYC's Expert Last Nail Polish in Mint Macaroon satisfied those needs for a mere £2.49. i also made a little trip to B&M Home Bargains the other week and they had some really good make-up deals in there. i picked up the Revlon Age Defying Moisturising Concealer for (i think!) £2.99 and Maybelline's Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Foundation for £3.99 (£9.99 in Superdrug!) and they were both in my super pale shades! I'm actually really liking the Maybelline foundation and the foam dome applicator is perfect for application. shopping trip bargain went to Primark's Lip Gloss Crayon which was either £1 or £1.50 - a steal either way - and i picked up this gorgeous orange shade. going on a bit of a foundation frenzy, i also picked up Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. this has been on my list of foundations to try out for a while and a Savers offer of all Rimmel being less than £5 was the perfect opportunity to pick it up. i didn't get on with it at first, but am now really enjoying it and can see why it is a cult favourite. i also picked up the new GOSH CC Cream Illuminating Foundation on an introductory offer of £6.99 in the shade Porcelain and this is the best colour match i have ever, ever found for my pasty skintone and i think this may be my new all time favourite foundation - highly recommend it!

i picked these up after watching one of Alix from I Covet Thee's videos (link here) - Skin Doctor's Ingrow Go and Hair No More, designed to inhibit hair growth and remove ingrown hairs and razor bumps. there was a similar product i saw a few months ago from Sally Hansen, but it was impossible to get hold of in the UK and shipping from abroad was a fortune, so i'm super glad to have discovered these! a lot of people are shocked to find out that i have to shave my underarms everyday, so i'm hoping that this will help, and also put off how often i need to pay out for waxing! i also sometimes suffer from a pretty unattractive shaving rash, so home the Ingrow Go will help with that. these were actually fairly expensive (i thought so, anyway!) on the Skin Doctors website at £12.20 and £10.20 each, but after turning to the trusty Amazon, I found them for just £6.40 and £5.61, so basically half the price! these have only just arrived, so i can't say if they work yet, but shall review them once there's a result! 

have i mentioned my holidays are coming up? every year i buy more bikinis than i will need, and this year was no exception. the first two are from Florence & Fred @ Tesco and were a steal at just £12 and £13. i've actualy bought F&F bikinis for the last couple of years now, somewhere i never would have thought of looking before. this ASOS Macrame Bikini Top is my favourite bikini find EVER. i really didn't need it, and it was a little pricey at £16 for just a top but the back detailing just made me fall in love one hundred times over! sure, it's really unpractical for tanning, but i don't care. i just don't. the last one is actually a bra from H&M which i again, just fell in love with for no apparant reason and couldn't leave behind. i can't usually buy bras from the high street as i'm such a awkward size, but this was in clothing sizes, so i sized up a little and found one that fits. it's too nice to wear as underwear, but i can't wait to wear it under some sheer shirts! 

these Zara High Waisted Denim Shorts have ended a three year (no exaggeration) search for a pair of denim shorts that actually fit me! i was so happy to have found some that i queued up for almost half an hour to pay and am so happy my search is finally over. this is actually my first ever Zara purchase, and i'll definitely be looking in there more often from now on. 

a couple of dresses i've picked up are this Primark Midi Dress. i'm still not 100% sure on this, but think it will be great for the evenings on holiday as the print means it doesn't need much accessorising! i'm just after a statement gold necklace now to jazz it up a little. i'm also in love with the swing style dresses, and picked up this Missguided Kacia Dress. it's super long, so i will need to take it up, and i now also have a Missguided dress wishlist as long as my arm. and my other arm. and probably both my legs too!

my last two buys were this Forever 21 Dressing Gown and H&M Cardigan. i'm actually going to wear the dressing gown as a coverup/kaftan on holiday and it was reduced due to it no longer having a belt with it, but after some rifling around at home i found this thick white rope which makes it look a bit more beachy! the cardigan is a gorgeous burgundy maroon colour, and i've been after a knitted cardigan since the end of Winter just to throw on over some dress when it's a bit chilly.

and there's another haul done! i'll probably pop another one up just before i go away on holiday because there is no doubt i will end up spending some more pennies before then on some last minute summer buys! have you girls been doing any shopping lately? if you've done a recent haul post then drop me a link below because they're my favourite sort of post to read! 

Collection Eyeshadow Pencils | £3.19 each | link
H&M Nudes Palette | £3.99 | link
Barry M Lip Paint in Sunset | £4.49 | link
Bourjois Blush in Rose de Jaspe | £7.99 | link
Bourjois Delice de Soleil Bronzing Powder | £8.99 | link
Garnier BB Cream | Still on offer for £6.66, usually £9.99 | link
MUA One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in I Want | £3 | link
MUA One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in Be Mine | £3 | link
Barry M Lip Paint in 161 Flamingo Peach | £4.49 | link
Accessorize Merged Blusher in 5 Sensation | £4.95 | link
Garnier 5 Sec Blur | On offer for £8.66, usually £12.99 | link
L'Oreal Micellar Water | Still on offer for £2.48, usually £4.99 | link
Batiste Dry Shampoo | £4.99 | link
NYC Nail Polish | £2.49 | link
Revlon Concealer | £5.00 | link
Primark Lip Crayon | £1/£1.50 | in-store only
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation | £8.99 | link
Maybelline The Eraser Foundation | £9.99 | link
GOSH CC Cream | Still on offer for £6.99, usually £8.99 | link
Skin Doctors Ingrow Go | £6.40 | link
Skin Doctors Hair No More | £5.61 | link
Florence & Fred White Crochet Bikini | £12 | link
Florence & Fred Palm Print Bikini | £13 | link
ASOS Bikini Top | £16 | link
H&M Bra | £9.99 | Check in-store
Zara Shorts | £22.99 | Check in-store 
Primark Dress | £10 | Check in-store
Missguided Kacia Dress | £14.99 | no longer online
Forever 21 Kaftan | £9 | Check in-store
H&M Cardigan | £14.99 | link


  1. What an amazing haul! Love some of the fashion bits :)


  2. Fab haul!! supermarkets are so underrated for bikins and the miss guided dress for £14.99 is such a bargin!

    Fab blog, ive followed! would love you to check out follow too! Looking forward to your future posts!! :)


  3. I absolutely love those Zara shorts! It's not normally a shop I look in, but I will from now on!

    I’ve given my blog a bit of a redesign, please come and check it out if you have a chance and let me know what you think!.



  4. great haul! very nice stuff! the shorts are sooo nice! want them!!

  5. Love this haul. You've picked up so many good products. I need to get my self the Collection eyeshadow sticks because I reckon they will be perfect and easy for everyday wear.
    Becka! :) X

  6. Oh my word I love everything you've bought! All of the makeup is amazing and I love the Zara shorts! x