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Monday, 26 August 2013

Sharing The Blogger Love

firstly, sorry i fell off the blogger radar for a few days this week - i've been back interning and then had a bit of a hectic weekend and just haven't had the chance to sit down and write up posts. i suppose you could say i've had a life for a change. but while i was gone, i hit my second milestone on the blog - 200 followers! it's so crazy that my number of followers has more than doubled in the last two months, so i thought i'd celebrate with a little 'Sharing the Blogger Love' post and share with you the blogs i've been enjoying recently! there's a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle and i hope you will all find some new favourites through this post! i've read a lot of posts similar to this recently and have found so many new blogs through it, so thought i'd spread a little love!

Blog | link
Twitter | @nicolavc86

Nicola mainly beauty blogs and i am always finding myself lusting over the bits she blogs about (most recently MAC's Lady Danger lipstick, dammit!). her reviews are precise and to the point and i really love her photography style which i will be taking some inspiration from for the next time i try to take lipstick swatch photos. 

Blog | link
Twitter | @ellieetc

Ellie has just come back to her blog after a little break, and i really missed her posts whilst she was gone! i love that she has big pictures on her blog (which are also super good quality) and i'm not left squinting at tiny little pictures. i've particularly been loving her recent haul posts and have ended up with huge clothes envy and in desperate need of another shop now i have some more inspiration for my holiday wardrobe. 

Blog | link
Twitter | @chloesway

if pink and girly is on your agenda, then Chloe's blog is where you need to be headed. it has such a gorgeous, girly sanctuary feel to it and i always get lost in her posts. my favourite recent post is her Autumn Outfit Wishlist and i love the contrast of a girly dress which edgier accessories. 

Blog | link
Twitter | @style_starbucks

i honestly love everything about Ellie's blog, i couldn't fault it if i tried. i've spoken to Ellie a few times on twitter and she is the loveliest girl and i don't think she gives herself enough credit for her blog and videos! her sense of style is impeccable and i am now lusting big-time over this neon Topshop number from her latest #OOTD

Blog | link
Twitter | @CosmeticCrave

Hannah's blog is my go-to page for honest, in-depth and helpful reviews. she never leaves any aspect of a product untouched, and i really loved her review on the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks and how many pictures she included; it was so useful to see the shades on someone with a similar skintone! Hannah is also great for decent sized photography, too! 

Blog | link
Twitter | @thelovecatsinc

Helen fashion and beauty blogs, and my favourite kinds of posts from her are her #OOTD's - not one goes past without my bank balance cowering in anticipation! she styles things the way i would really love to, but just can't pull off, so i feel like i kind of channel my ideal style through her! i really like her simple editing of photos with adding text to them as i think it gives her blog just that little something extra!

Blog | link
Twitter | @apairandaspare

no-one that i have come across does DIY posts quite as good as Geneva. jewellery, clothing, interiors - you name it and there will be a tutorial on how to make it yourself. the guides are so easy to follow, and i can only hope that some of the things i am yet to attempt will come out as well as Geneva's! the DIY transparent satchel is at the top of my list. her interior inspiration posts are also to die for and just make me want my own house to decorate already! 

Blog | link
Twitter | @CRMcAneny

Charissa's  is by far my favourite fashion blogger that i've come across since i started blogging and have been subscribed to her as long as i can remember. i've found that a lot of fashion bloggers seem to forget about the high street when they blog, but i love that Charissa always seems to favour the high street, meaning i can actually afford to go and buy similar pieces when she's inspired me (and also end up with a very long H&M wishlist!)

Blog | link
Twitter | @pinkpixiedoll

any MAC purchase which is made next week when i hit duty free and their Barcelona store can solely be blamed on Milly (particularly this Mineralized Skinfinish in Adored!). Pearls & Poodles is easily one of my all time favourite blogs and i've really loved watching it grow and change over the years. I actually went to school with Milly's little brother and remember him telling me about when she had just set it up, so i guess you could say some of my inspiration for starting to blog came from reading and loving Milly's blog. Her photography is to die for and she's recently left me with a wishlist of highlighters as long as my arm. 

Blog | link
Twitter | @emilyjbenton

Emily's beauty posts are some of my favourites out there - we seem to have really similar tastes in the types of product we pick up, and always end up finding new things to snap up when I'm over on her blog. i am also in love with how Emily styles the backgrounds for her photos and she does it in a way that i've seen no-one else do it before - they look do chic and professional and make me wish i was more adventurous in my photography!

so there we have my favourite bloggers at the minute! i always love to find new blogs, so please, please, please leave your links below and the links of any other blogs which you've been loving too! 


  1. I haven't come across some of these blogs before so I'll definitely be taking a look! Belza by Ems is one of my favourites to read :)

    1. glad you've found some new reads! xx

  2. awww, thank you so much for including me in this! it's always lovely to hear when somebody appreciates your little blog :D you've made my day you little sweetheart :):) xxx