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Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Review | Elemis freshskin

happy sunday, fellow #bbloggers! 
another skincare related post today, with these products from Elemis. you may or may not know that one of my main skin woes is the odd pesky breakout, and when i do get a spot it will more than likely fall into the beastly, unattractive category with those that don't want to budge for over a week. so when Elemis offered me the chance to try out some of their products, i was instantly drawn the their freshskin range and settled on trying their Skin Clear Mattifying Moisturiser(*) and Skin Clear Treatment Gel(*). of the two, i'm definitely more impressed and have noticed more results from the treatment gel - i don't know about any of you, but i feel like i've been looking for years for something that really combats my spots quickly and effectively, but have never found anything that works or does as it promises, but this does just that. i've found that this really brings spots and blemishes back down the the skin surface and really dulls down any redness around the area. i've been applying it morning and night where i need it, and within 3-4 days any spots have completely disappeared with no sign that they were ever there. before, i've found that i can still have a mark from blemishes almost a month after they first turned up, so this has really improved my skins appearance. i've also been using the moisturiser every morning and found that since starting to use it, my breakouts have been a lot more confined and popping up less often, so i'm really hoping that a continued use of these two may finally banish my blemish blues. 
i'd never actually used any Elemis products before this, but after being so impressed with these two products, i will definitely repurchase and try out some other bits in the range. i highly recommend the treatment gel if you're after something to combat your spots.

whilst we're on the topic of skincare today, I'm currently taking part in Sophia from Tattooed Tealady's #MyLittleSkincare Project. Along with 14 other bloggers, three suffering from each of the five skin types, we will be discussing our skincare histories and product recommendations with you guys. if you'd like more info on this then there is a little banner over to the right somewhere for you to click through to. the project kicked off with the first post from the 'Dry Skin' bloggers today, so if you'd like to check that out then just click here. I'm taking part in the 'normal' skin category, and my first post will go live September 8th, so keep an eye out then!


  1. That treatment gel sounds brilliant, if I get a spot its with me for about a month too! So this sounds really good :) xxx


  2. This treatment gel sounds great, I'm like you and have tried so many that just make no difference!


  3. great post! these products sound so lovely

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin

  4. Found you via twitter
    I use elemis products but not the fresh skin range
    Products are pricey but so worth it,I believe in investing in good skincare
    I get my elemis from qvc they have great kits which are so worth it & you get more than buying them alone
    You should have a look am sure they do some fresh skin products. 30 days money back to on used products which is excellent
    Ps I don't work for qvc