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Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Review | Hi-Tec Luca Trainers

any of you ladies who have been following my blog for a while will know that since way back in January, i have made many a pledge to get fit and do more exercise, yet here we are in august with barely any exercise done. who knew that all the motivation i would need is to own possibly the brightest trainers in the world?!
since the Hi-Tec Luca Trainers(*) have come into my life, i have found myself wanting to go to the gym (i have never willingly wanted to go to the gym in my life) and a little run around my local estate may have happened. i've also been wearing them for the last few days at work where i'm on my feet for most of the day, and these are the comfiest pair of shoes i have ever come across. they're fairly padded and made from a material that really moves with your feet, so there is no discomfort throughout the day. they are also super lightweight. i haven't actually owned a decent pair of trainers from probably about ten years, and i remember any trainers i owned back then being really clompy and making my feet feel really heavy, but these problems have been banished with the Luca's. for all i know, i could be wearing my slippers, they really are that comfortable.
and who can resist the colours?! owning these has definitely given me a more positive outlook on working out and toning up, and had i known a pair of trainers is all it would take, i would have bought some a long time ago! i really couldn't fault these trainers if i tried; if you're after a fashionable, affordable and high qualiry trainer, then look no further.

see you at the next Olympics, okay?

Hi-Tec Luca Trainers(*) | £39.99 | link

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  1. These are fabulous. I don't think they would suit a long run, but for exercise classes they are bang on! xXx