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Friday, 30 November 2012

Models Own Snowflake

3, 2 and 1 layers, over Barry M's Silver, and Black.

firstly, i'd like to apologise for how little i'm updating the blog lately. it's deadline month at uni and i've been cramming work in 24/7. plus i've been lumbered with load of shifts at work so i'm very busy, but as soon as uni is done for christmas, i will be better. i promise!

this is my very first Models Own purchase! If you've read my post on Marc Jacob's 'Dot' perfume, you'll know i recently gained lots of Boots points and bought some cosmetics while they were three for 2. i picked up the particular glitter for the holographic, oddly shaped pieces - i like how irregular the glitter flecks are. i wish there was a lot more glitter in it, and that it didn't have a clear base as i know this would look so stunning if you could layer it up enough to hit an opaque effect, but as you can see from my attempts, i didn't have much luck! 
this definitely looks better over darker polished like the black, as i think the light really reflects of the glitter a lot more and throws up all kinds of beautiful colours! 
my only issue would be that it can sometimes be a pain to ge the glitter to lay flat on the nail, but i'm willing to work with such an eye-catching polish.
this retails for £5, and i snapped this one up in Boots. 

i'm thinking of trying out some more Models Own once my spending ban is over, does anyone reccomend any particular shades? I've asked for Indian Ocean for Christmas, but i want more!!! 

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