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Monday, 12 November 2012

Barry M Ultra Moisturising Lip Paint - 160

you must all be sick of lip product posts now, but i've bought so many lately! this one i bought on a complete whim, it's not a colour i would intentionally go out to buy, and i definitely wasn't expecting to buy it when i initially saw the colour in the tube - it's such a deep burgundy and looks almost brown, but i fell in love with the colour as soon as i swatched it. 
i was never intending on ending up wearing this as an everyday colour - i never thought it would ever suit me in all honesty - but i've worn it so many times already. i have so much burgundy in my winter wardrobe that this shade instantly just pulls outfits together. 
it has the bog standard lipstick scent, but is great on the lips - it can go a little crackly when it's been on for a little while, especially if you constantly rub your lips together like i do, but i think i just notice this more because it's such a prominent shade on my lips. 
for only £4.49 i will definitely be picking up another shade from Barry M soon! 

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