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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Spending Ban Update Week #1

hello everyone!

some of you might have see that last week, I treated myself to a little Primark haul ad my poor little bank balance was feeling it, so I decided to put myself on a spending ban until Christmas. If you didn't see the post then you can get to it by clicking here. Obviously as a student, there's certain things i HAVE to spend on, and you can see what i'm allowing myself to buy in my previous post. 
admittedly, this has been a little harder than i've thought, and i've not got off to the best start in the world... i've had to buy a few essentials this week, but they aren't included in the ban, but whilst i was in the bodycare store, i couldn't resist picking up this... 

Pure Coconut Leave-In Conditioner - £1.99
and this was my first naughty purchase of the week. in my defence, i had seen it in the chemists at uni for £1.99 and was tempted to pick it up then, so technically i have saved myself £1? this is what i'm telling myself anyway. i've only used it once so far, but am going to work it into my hair washing routine and will let you all know what i think of it once i've bee using it for a while!

second naughty purchase (excuse the online picture, it hasn't come in the post yet!)

a new iphone case... but the paint on my old one has all started to chip off and look a bit scabby, so this is allowed, right?! it was only £2.75 so it's a bit of a bargain too. i must stop making excuses for myself.

final naughty purchase (again an online picture as the postman hasn't bought it yet!)
an MUA lipboom.... but by buying this, i was actually saving myself money!  how?! i hear you ask... MUA have 35% off PLUS free shipping in store at the moment - check the offer out at - and i was actually ordering some christmas presents. but you had to spend £10 to qualify for the offer, so by adding this to my basket for myself, I actually ended up getting one of the christmas presents for free. so technically, spending is saving!

so there we go... my naughty purchases. i'm a little disappointed with myself, but next week i will be better, i promise! i was also going to make a topshop order to get the free lipstick offer they currently have on, but my deliver to store order was refusing to go through, so maybe they knew it wasn't meant to be?! i will be buying more! magazine later on though as they have a free models own nail polish or lipgloss in this weeks issue, so of course i have to check that out!

how's everyone else doing whose on a spending ban? let me know in a comment! 

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  1. I don't think I could cope in a spending ban, so I think you are doing pretty well! x