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Thursday, 1 November 2012

FD Avenue

i'm going to guess that a lot of fashion bloggers have heard of the online brand i've actually featured them on my blog a couple of times in the past and they recently got in contact with me as they've had a drastic rebrand!
Funky Divaa is now FD Avenue. If I'm honest, the way that Divaa was previously spelt has always been a negative about the brand for me, so the new, classier name is a definite step in the right direction.

Layout wise, it's got a more professional feel to it and makes you feel like you're getting absolute value for money from your purchases.
Not only was the old layout pretty simple, it was a whole season out of date with the SS12 collection being advertised...
old layout

new layout!

The site is easy to navigate - there are clear headers for Womens, Mens and Plus Size fashion etc, with the standard drop down menus so you can go directly to the department your after! The AW collection itself is stunning - lots of deep wine shades, gothic and leather influences and christmas party dresses starting to filter through - it has a much more 'on trend' feel to it than the previous collections branded under Funky Divaa.

oo1. menswear! this wasn't on the old website, so FD Avenue has automatically widened their customer base. it includes a lot of branded pieces, more than own brand designs, but online fashion for men is definitely an area that more companies need to branch out into. 
oo2. blog! FD Avenue now has it's own blog! it's obviously only just been started up, but FD Avenue will keep their readers updated on what's new to the store, upcoming releases etc... they are also offering guest blogging opportunities which will be posted every Tuesday (mine will be up November 27th!) and these are based around trends and key pieces from the site. 
oo3. trends and press coverage! FD Avenue offer their customers the chance to see what other customers and even celebrities think of the brand. by offering trend packages it makes it easier for customers to piece outfits together. 
oo4. exclusive range! a slightly pricier collection, but offers a more luxurious branding to those who can afford it. 

FD Avenue now stock more brands on there on their site including:
Barry M
Mahlika Jewellery
Out Of Chaos

use discount code SOPHIE15 for 15% off until 1.12.12 

What's everyone elses thoughts on the site?


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