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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Barry M Nail Paint - 324 Silvery Lilac

first coat

second coat

third coat

i've been eyeing this colour up the last few times i've made nail polish purchases, but gave in recently when Superdrug were offering 3for2 across all cosmetics (before i started my spending ban!). 
if you've seen my review of the shade 'Copper' then you'll see why i thought from it's appearance that it would be quite opaque with one coat, but it actually took three to build up a desirable appearance. 
i think the name 'silvery lilac' is a bit of a weird one... i wouldn't class it as lilac at all, it has hues of purple, green and blue all mixed in with the silver - it actually reminded me a little of one of the shades from Models Own Beeteljuice range.
despite this, i do like the colour - i'm really into the warmer shades for the colder months. as i write this post, i've had this on for 2 days and not had any chipping yet, which is quite a whole for me as i'm always cutting/sewing/gluing and my nails tend to suffer a lot! 


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