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Monday, 25 June 2012

the life of an ebay addict...

if noone has noticed by now, i am just a bit of an ebay addict. whether it's clothes, make-up, anything, I'm addicted, and this week i've had another spree!

I am absolutely chuffed with this! It's not arrived yet, but I fell in love with it the second I saw it. I intend to use the little shelf as nail polish storage and the hooks for my car keys and probably some of my favourite pieces of jewellery. I won't be able to take it to the new house at uni as we aren't allowed to put stuff on the walls so I'm still after a flat bottomed spice rack to refurbish and take with me there. 

This is just one of three rings I've bought this week. This was an absolute steal at just 55p, but it's got to come from Hong Kong so I still have a little while to wait for it. I think it was the inscripted writing (and of course the price) that sold it for me! 

These are the other two I got my hands on and they are available here for just £1.89 each. If you contact the seller, he'll reduce the postage to 95p for the two aswell. I've been after one of these for a while, so can't wait for them to arrive. 

Obviously, I couldn't resist some clothes! If you're willing to wait for the postage, some of the Chinese sellers have some brilliant value items. This, maybe is a little steep for what it is, but when I thought about it, I couldn't think of anywhere in the UK that I'd get something similar. I'm in need of some long tops to wear over leggings, and I love this batwing look. This was just £5.30 with £3.99 postage which is actually pretty reasonable for P&P. It's available in 4 colours from here.

This is from the same seller, and I snapped it up in beige. This was just £5.39!! and £1.99 P&P so of course I couldn't resist. Available here.

The first pair were just £2.26, and the second just £1.75 from this seller on ebay. There's some lovely, really cheap bits, all from Hong Kong. 

I am also on a mission to re-do and decorate my bedroom whilst I'm home from uni as it's not been done in almost 7 years! I've finally got round to putting up some bunting that I made over a year ago, which I'm hoping will be a start, I just need to get my Dad on the job to do some wallpapering. 
I adore the shabby chic look and am slowly building up a few bits to go in the room. Today I've got my hands on a light switch cover (£2.50 inc P&P) a wooden heart decoration (£1.59 inc P&P) and a chalkboard to-do garland (£4.79 incl P&P)

I also have LOADS of things in my watch list that I'm hoping to get my hands on too, including some wallpaper which is an absolute bargain at £7.40 a roll! 

These are all no more than £2 each, just search shabby chic decorations

A few more decorations and the other nail varnish storage I want for uni! 

And this is the lush wallpaper! 

Aswell as stuff for my room, there's also a few other bits in my watch list at the moment. 
Some nail varnish bundles! This is a really cheap way to get polished that I discovered today, and even if you don't like all the colours, both of these lots are not even at £3 each yet! 
Some ear cuffs. I've always wanted to try these, but didn't want to pay the prices in Topshop just to try one incase I didn't like it. These are just 11p at the moment, again from Hong Kong, so this is a brilliant way to try it out. 
A tangle teezer hairbrush. My friend Mollie introduced me to this, and it's one of the best things I've ever tried! It doesn't pull your hair, no matter how knotty it is. They retail for around £7, so it may end up cheaper to buy one brand new, but I'm keeping an eye on this one. 


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