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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

a couple of ebay purchase reviews

Some of my ebay (and general internet shopping) haul has started to arrive now, so I'll be reviewing it all a few pieces at a time as it all arrives.

The two bits in this post are both from Ebay and the bag is available here for £14.99 in black and tan, and the rings from here for £1.89 each.

I am absolutely chuffed with this! £14.99 is normally a little bit more than I'd spend on a bag, but the fact that I've been after a new black one for so long and the stunning stud detailing sold it for me. It's much more spacious than I was anticipating, which is perfect for someone like me who can sometimes end up lugging half my life around in a handbag. The two little zip pockets on either end of the bag are so practical that I'm not sure how I ever functioned without them before. They are perfect for your phone and save you all the time and hassle of fishing through all your other junk to find it. The zips are a little stiff (and quite low quality) but they have loosened up now I've used it a few more times. I wish the gold tag was metal, rather than a slightly tacky looking material, but this is a minor issue to me! Plenty of pockets inside, and definitely worth your money!

i LOVE these rings, they're much nicer than I ever anticipated. I have such small fingers that's it's a nightmare to find rings that fit me properly and double finger rings seem to be the solution. These are actually adjustable too which is perfect. The crosses are smaller than I thought they'd be, but this isn't a negative in my opinion, they don't get in the way and interfere in everyday tasks. I've coated them in a clear layer of nail polish, as I do with all my cheap rings, to try and stop the colour rubbing off so quickly - this is a life long tip I will stand by! 


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