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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

my nail polish storage has arrived!!!

so you may have seen in one of my previous posts (the life of an ebay addict) that I had finally got my hands on some gorgeous nail polish storage and it's FINALLY ARRIVED!

As you can see, I've not had a chance to put it up properly, but we're finally getting round to decorating my room so it won't be up for a while. It's bigger than I thought, which is an absolute bonus - and it means there's plenty more space for lots more polishes! I'm planning on using the hooks underneath for my favourite/regular pieces of jewellery and essentials like my keys. You would not think that someone could be so excited over a piece of furniture. Unfortunately there's a few marks and scrapes on it which the seller failed to mention on ebay, so I'm trying to sort that out at the moment, but it's nothing I can't touch up with a bit of paint. I found this just from searching shabby chic spice rack in ebay after seeing someone else had converted a spice rack into some stunning storage for their polishes.


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