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Friday, 8 June 2012

Barry M Lip Products Review

I actually bought these products a while back, and I have no idea why I never blogged about them. 
I'm not much of a wearer of lipgloss, and especially not lipstick, but I recently went out for a friends birthday and had an all black outfit planned so I wanted something to brighten it up and accessorise with. actually inspired me to try these products after reviewing some of the lip gloss wands and I ended up spending too much money once again. 
These are the shades I invested in:

Lip Gloss Wand in 12 - Strawberry Milkshake and 11 - Coral and Lip Paint in 153 - Pink Ribbon 

Strawberry Milkshake is a really subtle shade, but had a rally nice shimmery sheen to it, which is what made me pick it out - it adds a hint of colour without being too in your face. 

I'm a fan of anything coral, if I'm honest, and I went for the Coral shade because again, it just adds a hint of the colour without being matt. 

Barry M's Lip Gloss Wands are so silky smooth, I just end up layering it on. It feels like it moisturises your lips when you apply is, and isn't sticky like some other brands. I wore the coral for my night out, and only needed to reapply it once as the colour really does last.
The wands have the slanted brush:
This makes them really easy to slick on and they glide across the lips easily - another advantage to it not being really sticky! 
These are great value for money at just £4.49, which is why I treated myself to two - these are great products if you aren't a regular wearer of lip gloss, but fancy a bit of a change. 

Now the Lip Paint. As I said, I really am not usually a fan of lipstick, but wanted something that would give me a matte look on my lips, so this really was my only option as there aren't many matte lipglosses on the market at the minute, and there's a very limited shade selection in the brands that do offer it.
So I went for the Pink Ribbon shade. I wasn't brave enough to go for red, so went for a deepish pink with a tint of red in it, so I think this is a brilliant shade for people who aren't quite brave enough for daring colours, but still want to add a bold splash. 
This isn't really thick like previous lipsticks I've tried, which may well be why I was so put off, but you can easily layer it up if that's the look you prefer. I really love this shade - it doesn't come across as fake and chalky on the lips, it's a really smooth application. Again, I really reccomend this to people who want to experiment more with their lip products. 
I think I will steadily be adding these products to my collection of nail paints. 
10/10 Barry M!

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