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Sunday, 5 August 2012

bt london live & westfield!

sorry there was no post yesterday, spend a very long day up in london! anyone who knows me will know i've been a big fan of mcfly since i was 10 (yes, this is half of my life!) and yesterday they played a free concert in hyde park as part of BT london live for the olympics. we had guaranteed entry tickets which meant we had to be there before 9, so spent 9 very long hours sitting in hyde park with sarah waiting for them to come on stage at 5.20! it was actually a really good day, with all the sports up on big screens and the atmosphere was amazing when we saw both the gold medal wins in the rowing. mcfly were fab aswell, definitely one of my favourite times i've seen them; i have never seen so many fully grown, albeit drunk, males dancing and singing to mcfly songs with half their clothes off! i'd definitely reccomend going to hyde park whilst BT are running this event, especially if you haven't got tickets for the proper olympics as i'd say it's the next best thing! I'll add a link here for anyone whose interested; it's free entry, with live music each evening.

and, of course, no trip to London would be complete without a quick stop at Westfield (plus we saw so many of the athletes just wandering around - hello Australian team!!!!!!). we were quite pushed for time, plus shattered, so i didn't buy too much, but i'll add some photos underneath of what i bought, plus some photos from hyde park!

Mickey & Minnie Jogging Trousers // £10 // Primark

Floral Socks // £2 £1 // Primark

Floral Dual-Compartment Make-Up Bag // £3 // Primark

Cushion // £5 // Primark

Vest Tops // £2.50 each // Forever21

enjoy some awful mcfly photography. this is the results of being very short in a large crowd :(

i've got lots of blogposts ready to go in the next couple of weeks; lots of wishlists, some outfit posts, and three mini hauls - one from, one from MUA and one from e.l.f cosmetics!

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