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Friday, 3 August 2012

Review // Benefit Hoola Lipgloss

i came home to this beauty waiting for me when i got home from holiday after winning it through a competition with 'more!' magazine, which arrived almost 2 months after winning and lots of nagging, complaining e-mails! but i think free benefit lipgloss makes up for it, a little bit. 

i probably wouldn't have bought this when just looking on the benefit counter, as these were made to match the brand-famous blusher/bronzer pots and i was never a fan of 'Hoola' as it was far too dark for my pale complexion, but this has pleasantly surprised me. as you can see on the swatch, it does look a brown sort of shade which left me slightly dubious as i'm not a fan of this colour on my lips at all, but when i applied it to my lips, i instantly fell in love! 

it adds such a natural sheen to my lips and is ridiculously moisturising! if anyone has used benefit lipgloss' or products before, the i'm sure you know what i mean when it has the classes taste that runs through all the benefit lipgloss' - it's actually quite pleasant, and yummier than it should be! 

it has the conventional lipgloss tube applicator which is easy to slick over the surface of the lips.

this retails at £13.50 for 15ml, and considering a lot of product goes a long way, it's well worth the price!

this is a great product if you want a gloss to add a sheen to your lips with a hint of colour to look a bit more interesting than your standard clear gloss; i'm definitely becoming a benefit convert lately!


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