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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Review // Urban Beauty United Bronze and Shimmer Brush

with a collection 2000 blush

Urban Beauty United is a brand i came across whilst holidaying in Spain. in one of the perfume stores near where i was staying, there was a stand from UBU with a huge variety of make-up brushes and applicators and their bright appearance really caught my eye.

this is brush no.15 in the collection, and goes by the name of 'Bronze Bombshell' and is a bronzer and shimmer brush. this cost me just 2.99 or 3.99 (around £3) and has wormed it's way into my make-up bag as my favourite brush to use for blush. compared to this, my previous brush (by Chanel) tended to deposit my blush in one place and wasn't the easiest to blend with. the fan effect of the brush means that my blush is applied evenly across my cheek and appears a lot more subtle and natural across my cheekbones. the bristles are really soft and make the brush sweep smoothly across the skin.

i've never heard of UBU in the UK, but after turning to google, i've found that they stock their products in the  UK in Asda and Tesco. personally, i've never seen it in any of my local stores, but i'll be keeping an eye out in the future for them.
i'll add a link to the website so if you're not from the UK, then you can see where UBU is stocked near you.


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