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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Review // Benefit 'Posie Tint', 'High Beam' and 'Bene Tint'

L-R - Posie Tint, High Beam, BeneTint

anyone who is a regular reader of my blog will know that i opt for high street, drugstore brands when buying makeup rather than higher end, department store brands, but recently i've taken a liking to quite a few Benefit products. i came across this little trio on ebay whilst browsing from some travel size bits and pieces to take on holiday. all three are some of the most popular Benefit products so i was more than tempted to try them out. 

'High Beam' retails at £18.50 and 'Posie Tint' and 'BeneTint' retail for £24.50 each, all for 12ml bottles.
these travel size bottles are a third of the size at 4ml, but i snapped them up for just £5.11 (£3.11 bid + £2 P+P) for the three of them - less than £2 each. at the time i bought them, the seller had more than one set available so if i'd thought about it and bought three sets i would have had the equivalent of three full size bottles and they would have cost me less than one full size bottle (unfortunately the seller doesn't have any more on her page!). this is a brilliant way of getting yourself some higher end brand cosmetics that you wouldn't normally be prepared to pay full price for! 

first up - 'Posie Tint'. I much prefer to use this on my cheeks than my lips (it's a lip/cheek duo for anyone whose unfamiliar with this product), as it's a great stand in for a cream blush. the fact that it is slightly more liquid-based means that personally i find it a lot easier to blend into the skin. i tend to apply it to the apple of my cheeks (and blend in using the tips of my fingers) over foundation and under my powder to make it appear as though my cheeks have a natural glow to them.

'High Beam' is probably the one i use the most out of the trio. i often suffer from dark shadows around my eyes so i just apply 3 strips across my brow bown, eye lid and lower lash line and then blend in to brighten the area. it brightens my eyes instantly, and is long-lasting and doesn't call for re-applying.

i know 'BeneTint' is probably the most well known out of these, but it's my least favourite from the trio. i have a very pale complexion, so the shade is far too deep for my cheeks and i find that it can sometimes bleed aswell. however it does look lovely on my lips and makes them look plumper and more healthy - it definitely adds a tint to my lips and even after the initial layer starts to wear off it will look great again with a simple layer of clear gloss.


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