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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Review // Urban Beauty United Lasharazzi Eyelash Curlers

you may have seen a recent post from me about a new brand i came across on a recent holiday to spain - Urban Beauty United  and this is another purchase that i made; the Lasharazzi eyelash curler.

again these cost me either €2.99 or €3.99 (around £3, i honestly can't remember!), which i think is an absolute bargain for what looked like a decent eyelash curler in the packet. they have a very professional look to them, and they didn't disappoint - they're so gentle on the lash when curling and they don't tug or pull when releasing the curlers. they also don't clump my lashes together like i've experienced in the past. 

as with my previous post  i've found that UBU stock their products in the  UK in Asda and Tesco. personally, i've never seen it in any of my local stores, but i'll be keeping an eye out in the future for them.
i'll add a link to the website so if you're not from the UK, then you can see where UBU is stocked near you.


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  1. hi sophie, do you mind showing your eyelashes before and after curling using UBU?? and maybe compare it with other brands?? I'm thinking of getting one but not very sure as it is quite a new brand in Singapore