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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Urban Outfitters // Wishlist

Instead of just complaining to myself and my poor Mum (and my Twitter followers being bombarded with photos) about how many things I fall in love with and lust over on the internet, I'm now going to let my blog followers also endure my pain in being too poor to afford most of it (hurry up September, I want my student loan!). Today is Urban Outfitters; I never normally look on here as I've always thought it was far too expensive for my little budget, but I did find some real bargains whilst browsing the site, and there's some great deals in their sale too!

i've been wanting some black skinny jeans for ages now, sometimes leggings just won't do. most of the pairs i've seen have had more than one button at the waist, which i absolutely hate, it's just a shame these are £50!
oo2 // Tan Woven Shoes // £32
i love anything tan, literally anything, and i think these are my favourite item on the wishlist. they look so soft aswell, serious lust over here!
oo3 // F-Troupe White Lace-Up Shoes (Online Exclusive)// £20
lately i've become obsessed with unique takes on the normal, average white plimsol, and these surprised me with their low price! i love that they're open at the sides as plimsoles tend to make my feet a bit stuffy.
oo4 // Tiny Cross Bracelet // £6
me + gold jewellery = want. simple. 
i really loved the galaxy print trend, but a majority of the pieces i saw were in a sort of purply/bluey colour palette which I don't often wear. these colours are much more me, but again, too expensive so i'll have to carry on internet perving.
i couldn't ever justify spending this much on a necklace, but i love that it would go with pretty much any outfit - an instant accessory!
oo7 // Hamsa Hand Post Earrings // £6
these are so dainty, and i'm starting to build up my earring collection lately. not too pricey either.
i'm a sucker for the cut out trend aswell! the bar across the back to cover your bra seals the deal for me as i hate that a lot of pieces within this trend make it awkward to wear a bra at the same time. i rarely feel confident without one on, so this would make me feel more comfortable.


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