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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Benefit - The Big 10 (BARGAIN ALERT!)


Today I bring you what I think may just be my favourite bargain I've come across in recent times - Benefit's 'The Big 10'. I can't find this retailing on the Benefit website, but I found this on Ebay for just £8.99 +£2.99 postage. Yes, just under £12 for 10 Benefit products - £1.20 each! They are travel size, but this is so cheap you can purchase enough so you'd end up with the amounts of a full-sized product. 
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With each product costing just £1.20 I wanted to show you all how much of an absolute steal this is! 
I will be reviewing all these pieces properly in future posts too!

1 // 'That Gal' Brightening Face Primer
I have previously reviewed this here, so I won't bother doing so again. A full size 'That Gal' costs £21.50 for 11ml. This sample is 7.5ml (more than half a full sized one!) and cost just £1.20. This means I could buy 17 of these little samples for the same cost of one full sized product, but have 127.5 ml rather than just 11ml - equal of ELEVEN full sized products which would cost you £236 from the Benefit Counter!

2 // Dandelion Brightening Face Powder
A full sized box of this costs £23.50 for 7g. In 'The Big 10' you get 3g for £1.20 (again around half a full product), so I could get 19 of these little bots for the cost of one big one and have 57 grams rather than 7g (8 full sized pots which would cost £188 at the counter). I will follow up with a full review on this product at a later date. 
3 // Bella Bamba 3D brightening pink face powder.
What I've written for Dandelion also applies to Bella Bamba, and a full review will be up soon!

4 // POREfessional - balm to minimise the appearance of pores.
A full sized POREfessional will cost you £23.50 for 22ml. My £1.20 travel size is equal to 1/3 of a full sized bottle at 7.5ml. so three of these costing £3.60 will leave me with the equivalent of a full sized tube. Again, 19 travel samples will cost the £23.50 for a full sized bottle leaving me with 142.5ml instead of 22ml - 6 full sized bottles which would cost £141 at the counter. 

5 // Erase Paste brightening camouflage for eyes and face.
It'll set you back £19.50 for a pot of erase paste containing 4.4g. The sample size doesn't actually state how much is in the pot, but i'm going to guess that it's about 3g (it's not far off a full size pot at all!) for £1.20. I think this might be the biggest bargain in the box! I'd get about 16 of these travel pots for £19.50 but end up with the equivalent of TWELVE pots from the counter! A full review will be up on the blog soooon!

6 // Ooh La Lift - instant under-eye brightening boost. 
£16.50 will get you 7ml of Ooh La Lift at the counter, and this sample (i'm guesstimating) is 2ml for £1.20. 13 of these samples will cost the same as one full sized bottle and you'd have 91ml for £16.50 instead of the £214.50 at the counter. Full review to come - yada, yada, yada.

7 // Stay Don't Stray - primer for concealers and eyeshadows.
A full sized product will cost you £19.50 for 10ml or a travel size costs £1.20 for 2ml. Again, I'd end up with 16 of these travel sizes for £19.50 and 38ml instead of 10 - almost 4 full sized products which would cost £78.

8, 9 & 10 // High Beam, Posie Tint and Bene Tint
All previously reviewed here
£18.50 for 13ml or £1.20 for 2ml. 15 little travel samples cost the same as one full sized bottle and you'll get 30ml for £18.50 instead of 13ml which would cost around £40 at the counter.

I think it averages out that if you were to buy three of these 'The Big 10' boxes, you'd almost have yourself 10 full-sized products (except for the High Beam, Benetint and Posietint, but you'd still have half a full sized product). Three boxes would set you back just £36, but you'd have around £200 worth of product - STUDENT BUDGET BARGAIN OR WHAT?!


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