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Friday, 7 September 2012

MUA Face Primer

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Now before I purchased this, I'd been looking for an affordable face primer for a little while, as I didn't want to pay out when I wasn't sure if the product in general for me. Since buying this, I've discovered Benefit's That Gal which has become a make-up bag essential. 
And to be honest, I think this will be going straight in the bin! Don't get me wrong, £4 is very reasonable compared to a lot of similar products on the market, but this product did nothing at all for me. The consistency is very watery and thin and just left my skin feeling very wet and slippery - the worst kind of base for any kind of foundation! It didn't rub into my skin, it just left a shiny layer. 
Also, the little plastic stopper in the neck of the tube keeps falling out making it impossible to just dispense a small amount of product - far too much ends up spurting out and being wasted.
This hasn't put me off MUA, and I don't want this to deter any of my readers from purchasing from them as for such a bargain basement brand a majority of their products are brilliant for what you pay for them. There will always be some products that you don't like, and for me this just happens to be one of them. I've purchased from MUA since buying this, so don't give up on them for one negative review - I'd much rather give an honest opinion than lie and say I loved it and then other people buy it and are disappointed.


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