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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Room Makeover!

So I've finally got round to having my bedroom decorated and I'm so happy with it! I won't write much as the pictures are pretty self explanatory!
A lot of the stuff you can see is home-made/DIY. 
I made the bunting just from buying a meter or so of a few different fabrics from a local haberdashery for no more than £5. Simply cut two triangles and sew the two vertical edges together with the fabric right sides together. Then turn the triangle back in the right way and then secure the top of the triangle in some bias binding - if you want more details on this then just ask!
The photo frames were just some old ones laying around at home and I bought a couple of cheap ones too. I then bought a paint tester pot from Wilkinsons and painted the frames and printed off some floral patterns as inserts. 
The mirror was a cheap one from Argos, and again painted with a tester pot. 
The three floral boxes were all old ones I had that ended up empty after having a clear out or just old perfume gift boxes. Again I printed patterns off the internet and covered the boxes. 
The lampshade (which is only just seen, but there's a better picture here), basket for my toiletries, nail varnish holder and the To Do heart garland were all from Ebay (just ask for links) and the Dream wording was from Store Twenty One.
I'm so pleased with it! Actually feels like a proper bedroom now, I just don't want to leave it to go back to uni :( 


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