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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sorry for slacking! A week in Instagram photos!

Sorry I've not got round to posting much this last week - I've finally hit the 'less than a week until i go back to uni' stage and have had other stuff to do, and i'll probably carry on being a little negligent in the next couple of weeks whilst I move back to Leicester and settle back in.

To make up for my lack of blogging, I'm going to start doing posts with my Instagram photos from the week just to keep you all up to date.



oo1- officially in winter mode // oo2 - ready for Sarah's last night in Essex // oo3 - present from my brother for looking after him while the 'rents were away // oo4 - not being able to resist dessert! // oo5 - one uni project all ready for binding // oo6 - little Olly sleeping upside down // oo7 - starting the second uni project... // oo8 - re-preparing myself for student life with the ultimate student lunch // oo9 - trying out double denim! // o10 - off to town! // o11 - hearts in the bath water! // o12 - surprise trip to woburn safari park from james!

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