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Sunday, 8 July 2012

L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream Review

A week or so ago, I recieved a sample of this in the post along with a sample of L'Oreal's new Lumi Magique foundation (which I've now gone on to buy after reviewing it here). I've never tried a BB Cream before, so this is a first for me, but I think the main idea of them is that the pigments in it will automatically blend in to match your skin tone. This particular BB is available in Boots for £9.99 in Light & Medium and is part of a buy one get one half price L'Oreal offer and in Superdrug for just £6.99 at the moment. They only have light on their website, but I'm sure they will have more shades in store. 

'Our first self adjusting BB cream. Moisturising skincare transforms to lightweight foundation. Skin looks flawless and even with a dewy glow.
Nude Magique BB cream transforms right before your eyes: Enriched with smart pigment capsules in a feather light hydrator which transform into a foundation on contact with skin. It feels like skincare but then transforms into and works like make-up.'

The consistency of this is quite thin, which left me expecting it to have quite poor coverage, but if I'm honest I didn't really know what I was expecting from a BB cream at all. It's a sort of peachy white colour and if you look closely it has smaller brown flecks in it. From this I wasn't expecting it to turn into a foundation substitute at all. 

Once rubbed in

Again, once blended into my hand there wasn't much evidence of any product at all especially as I sampled the medium shade and I'm very pale anyway, but I took the plunge and applied it to my face anyway.

After applying it properly (I used a foundation brush for application if anyone is interested) I was really, really impressed! It is so feather-light and soft on the skin and does a brilliant job of covering blemishes. In particular, my foundation never seems to take to the inside corners of my eyes and I feel as though they always look very white compared to the rest of my face. With a bit of concealer underneath this is the perfect dupe for foundation, especially throughout the summer as it isn't so heavy on the skin, if anything, it's more of a 'your skin, but better' kind of product. As you can see from the second photo which has the flash on, it doesn't have any kind of shine to it which is perfect for summer holiday photos. A little bit of product goes a long way aswell, which is perfect if you're on a bit of a budget at this particular BB cream is one of the more expensive of the high street drug store brands (although I think I'll be getting myself down to Superdrug whilst it's £6.99 as I still get student discount on top of this!). I'll be purchasing the medium as I think once I get a bit of colour through the summer, a lighter shade will look like too much of a contrast, and the medium has done a brilliant job of matching my pasty skin anyway! 
This will be the second L'Oreal product I've ever purchased along with the Lumi Magique foundation as I've always avoided it as I thought the prices were a bit steep for drugstore names, but after sampling these two products and loving them both, I don't think I'll be passing by the L'Oreal stand quite so quickly in the future! 

Verdict: 9/10, the only downside is the price!


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