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Sunday, 1 July 2012

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Sample Review

In the post today I recieved a free sample of L'Oreal Paris' latest foundation plus a sample of their version of  a BB Cream. Today I'll be reviewing the foundation sample, and I'll do the BB Cream another day.

This is what the foundation claims to do.
On the L'Oreal Paris Page for the product, it states this foundation as Step 2 of a 3 Step Process in the Lumi Magique range. The foundation retails at £10.99 for a full size bottle. They also offer a primer for step 1, and a highlighter pen for step 3 which are £9.99 each. The website reccomends to apply the foundation with the CCTV method to ensure that the foundation will luminise the key areas of your face.
CC - Trace 2 C's around your cheek bones to sculpt the shape.
T - Apply to the T zone to light up the eyes
V - Highlight your chin to finish.
It's available in 6 shades.

First appearance

Once rubbed into the skin

The shade I sampled is N4 Pure Beige (you didn't get to choose when asking for a sample) so I assume this is the midway shade of the range. I have horrendously pale skin so if I was to purchase, I'd go a shade or two lighter. When I first squeezed some of the product onto my hand I thought it looked far too orangey and dark for my skin tone, but once blended in it got a lot closer to my natural skin tone. It has lovely even coverage, and isn't at all oily as some foundations are. It didn't seep into the natural creases of my skin either. 
I religiously mix my foundation with a little bit of moisturiser in a poor attempt to protect my skin from breakouts, which obviously makes the foundation a little lighter than it is anyway, and hopefully you can see from these (horrible!) pictures how even the coverage is. 

It is neither oily or powdery, it seems to be the perfect consistency for me and I am now very tempted to purchase a full size bottle in a lighter shade on my mission to find the perfect foundation. It's left my skin feeling silky smooth and hasn't worn off my skin as quickly as some products do. It also hasn't done that horrendous thing where it goes cakey and flakes off after wearing it for a few hours. I'm very impressed!! 

Marks out of 10 - 9/10
Price - £10.99 (a little more than I tend to pay, but just a tiny amount covered the whole of my face and neck; it blends great!)
Availability - Boots in 6 shades (who currently have a buy one get one half price offer on L'Oreal products) and Superdrug in 6 shades (who currently have a 3 for 2 offer!)


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