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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Review // NYC New York Color Smooch Proof 16H LipStain in Champagne Stain

Just another of my lip splurge purchases and another lipstain too! This was on offer for just £2.49 in Superdrug, so I had to snap one up and try it! 

This was originally £3.99, and I've bought it in shade 'Champagne Stain'. It comes in ten shades on the NYC website, but I can't remember if Superdrug had all of these in stock! It again has a precision pen, like the Rimmel one I've reviewed, but no balm this time. This is a much more daring shade than I'd usually go for if I'm honest, but as it was so cheap I thought it was about time I started experimenting with new colours.

Ignore the shade on the far left! It wouldn't budge! The shade on the left (or middle) is original application and the right is once blended in.

When swatched on my hand, the colour looks nowhere near as bright as in the tube, which put my mind to ease a bit about testing a new colour, but once I applied it to my lips, it was a whole different story! 

It's not as evident in the first picture, but in the second, you can see how awfully it applies to the wettest part of the lip! It leaves an almost tidemark effect which is not at all appealing, and this was just from smacking my lips together a couple of times. It's such a shame as the colour looks really lovely on the rest of my lips and is such a subtle pink after I was scared it would be too bright, it's a really good, girly shade! When/if I wear this again, maybe I'll try applying the balm that comes with the Rimmel stain or just use a regular balm to see if this stops it happening! it also really does stain! The swatches have refused to come off my hand even after scrubbing with a make-up wipe and three hours after applying it (and eating dinner!) the colour hasn't budged. This wouldn't bother me if it hadn't applied so poorly, but it has evened out slightly through wear. I don't usually buy NYC products, but this has really knocked my opinion of the brand. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be going back to their stand anytime soon!


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