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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review // Collection 2000 Lip Cream Cream Puff in Fairy Cake

I had a little lip product splurge this week, and this was the first of my purchases. Collection 2000 is now supposedly just called Collection, but that just feels wrong so it will remain Collection 2000 in my eyes! This is the second lip cream that I've now bought from this range, and this time decided to get Fairy Cake

Fair Cake is the middle shade in this photo.

The Cream Puff's retail at just £2.99 and can be found in Boots and Superdrug (who had 2 for £4.99 when I snapped this up). Rather than being a gloss, I find that they are more of a liquified lipstick - they are much more pigmented and matte in appearance, and are more moisturising and less sticky than a gloss. It comes in 4 different shades (including this one), one is a lot pinker, one is a nude shade, and one a brown.

Left; Product Sample Right; Once rubbed in.

As you can see from these swatches, it's a really rich coral colour (I'm not sure where the name Fairy Cake comes from?) and even though it looks a little daring when it comes out the tube, it is a much more natural and subtle shade once blended in.

I'm sorry this picture is such horrendous quality, but the shooting conditions in my room with todays horrendous weather was not on my side! But hopefully you can tell how natural the shade actually looks on the lips. Another 'your lips but better' shade, which I really feel just brightens the natural tone of my lips. The pigmented look also makes the product last longer on the lips without drying them out - and it smells gorgeous! A very sweet, cupcakey kind of smell. Maybe this was the inspriation for the name? As someone who isn't particularly a lipstick fan, this is a great alternative for me as it achieves a look similar to that of a lipstick without being heavy on the lips. It's an absolute bargain aswell, so how could I resist? Go and snap one up, Collection 2000 products are great value for money for a drugstore brand!


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