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Monday, 2 July 2012

spend. spend. spend.

This morning I went for a good old shop with Mumma Wood and have come home £50 poorer, but with a whole lot of goodies! 
£35 in Primark, £12 in the Topshop sale and a few goodies in Superdrug have left me quite happy!

Lots of goodies!!!

After very rarely wearing white shoes, these are my 2nd and 3rd pairs this summer from Primark. The pair on the left are £6, and the pair on the right were reduced to £3 as they had pink marks on (every pair in two different stores were the same, so hopefully popping them in the washing machine will do the trick!) The plimsoles I thought were just a really feminine, girly take on the plain old plimsoles which I have to wear for work. But these are too nice, so I'll probably save them from the dirt of work. The espadrille style ones were just far too comfy, and who can resist a pair of shoes for £3! The fact that both can be put in the washing machine is a bonus too. 

I religiously wear Topshop underwear and nothing else, so I couldn't resist these beauties in the sale for just £2 and £3 each. I got £18 worth of knickers for just £9, don't mind if I do! 

I really want to try out a face primer, but can't find an afforable one on the highstreet at the moment, so instead I'm going to try a face powder first whilst I'm on the hunt. This one was just £1.99 from Superdrug, and I paid £2.99 for the brush. I didn't want to spend much seeing as I'll just be using it for a little while. I'll be doing a full review soon.

This is my first Topshop Nails purchase, and I've gone for Threadbare. I'll be doing a #NOTD post on this soon too, but this has set off a love for the range and I'll definitely be purchasing some more! 

This stunning batwing cardigan was £14 from Primark. I can't stand cardis/jumpers which are tight under my arms, so this is perfect for me, and it has so many subtle shades in it that I can pick out. I'll be doing a full styling review on this soon too, so I won't say too much now...

You might have seen from previous posts that I worship Primark jeans - they're so cheap, yet some of the comfiest and best fitting I've ever owned. These were just £9 and are my second pair as our kitten has caught the other ones numerous times and they've started to look a bit tatty where they've been worn so much.

I've been after a bra like this for ages now - I wear so many strapless tops, but have never found a decent strapless bra to go with them. This isn't the right size for me, as my bra size is horrendous to find, but it is fine for what I need it for and will make me feel a lot more comfortable. Just £6 from Primark.



  1. i love topshop pants!!