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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Review // Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Stain in 'Nothing But Nude'

Another purchase from my lip product splurge! I didn't intentionally go out looking for one of these, I was actually after one of Revlon's lip butters, but after testing out most of the shades I found that they all seemed very harsh and bright. I saw this as I was paying at the tills and added one to my basket!

I bought mine in Superdrug where it was on offer for £5.99, and it's £6.99 in Boots, but both stores are currently offering 2 for £10 on selected products. It comes in 7 shades, and I picked up the most natural looking of the collection. 
The product claim from the Rimmel website:
'1000 Kisses Lip Tint gives your lips a royal flush of intense, vibrant colour that stays on duty and ready for action for hours - leaving no trace, so your kisses never tell.

The speedy two-step application delivers a fabulously flawless finish that is totally on trend and just begs to be kissed. A precision pen-tip delivers the mistake-free colour you're looking for and a caring balm seals the deal, giving lips the extra moisturising they've been waiting for. 

There are 6 must-have shades in a translucent colour-matched design that gives you the freedom of being able to re-invent your look every day.'

The fact that it comes with a colour sealing balm is what really sold it to me (aswell as it being on offer, of course!) as long-lasting lip colour is a must - I don't have the time or effort for reapplying lip colour constantly.

Left; Initial Application     Right; Once blended in.

If anyone has seen my recent review on Collection 2000's Cream Puff Lip Cream, you will see that this is very similar in colouring, just in a stain version - very much another 'your lips but better' shade. It's very moisturising and has a pleasant fruity smell to it. The balm is my favourite part of this product! I imagine that without it, the lipstain would really leave my lips feeling dry after a while, but the balm helps keep my lips feeling hydrated aswell as locking in the colour. I did find that the precision pen can dry out quite quickly, but if you stand the pen on its end for a while, it is soon ready to use again! This is much more affordable than the original lipstains that seemed to hit the drugstore brands, and I'm glad I decided to get this instead of settling for a Revlon lip butter in a shade I wasn't 100% keen on. The colour range, although small, has a good selection, with pinks, and much deeper shades to suit individual personalities and skin tones. This is definitely worth trying out - it's the first lipstain I've personally tested out, and I'm glad I tried it! For me, the bonus is that it really does last on the lips, although maybe 1000 kisses is quite ambitious? 


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