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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

perfume oils; the ultimate alternatives?

this week i think i've come across one of the best money saving alternatives; perfume oils.
i'm going away on holiday next week and didn't want to take a full bottle of perfume with me, so i hit ebay to buy myself some smaller samples of my regular perfume as I have done for the last few years (marc jacobs daisy, if anyone is interested!). but whilst I was browsing the sight, I came across one particular seller whose ebay store consisted of perfume oils.

Her listing consisted of far too many scents for it to be easy to pick out a favourite! Aswell as dupes of some of the best selling designer fragrances like Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Armani, there's some unique scents that are said to remind you of holidays and lots of other favourite scents. There's also some fun ones like jelly beans, ice cream and play doh!!
This is a link to her listing, and as you can see, they are an absolute bargain at just £2.99 each. You also get combined postage the more you buy aswell, so of course I had to snap some up!
I am instantly in love with anything that smells of coconut, so I initially placed an order for a Caribbean Coconut scent, which arrived within just 2 days of ordering.


For anyone who loves the fragrance of coconut, I'm sure you'll have tried the Bodyshop's Coconut Body Butter, and this is an exact dupe of that scent! It smells very strong when initially applied, but is a much more subtle smell once is has been absorbed into the skin. I was so impressed with this that I went back to get some more and snapped up a dupe for the Daisy scent and another Coconut scent with hints of lime and verbena (which is a flower, I had to google it!)


When I first opened this to smell, I didn't think it smelt all that much like the original, but once it had settled on my skin it is the perfect Marc Jacobs dupe and would fool anyone into thinking you were wearing the more expensive version!

This is a much more subtle coconut scent, with the lime and verbena taking control of the senses. I'd say it has an almost aftershave-y scent to it, and really reminds me of one of the Lynx sprays. It is very strong when first applied, but again settles down very quickly. If you're a fan of more feminine fragrances, then this probably isn't for you, but I have been known to love a good aftershave!

You might be wondering how these apply, and they have a simple roll-ball mechanism
Although they are oils, they don't apply in a thick consistency and make the skin sticky; if you rub them into the skin it just feels like a regular perfume spray.

Why are they the perfect alternative? There's so many reasons! The bottles are just 8ml, but you use a LOT less than with a spray; all the perfume goes directly to the skin aswell, you don't waste any that misses the skin when spraying. They're also a lot more portable and are easy to throw in your handbag, and as I bought these for my holiday, it now means that I can take three fragrances with me rather than one larger bottle. The price, of course, is also a huge temptation. A regular bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy costs around £40/£50 and I only tend to get it for birthdays and Christmas and always find myself running out before it's time for a new one, so these oils are perfect for that period when you can't afford a new bottle! I would highly recommend that you head over the this lady's ebay store; she's incredibly polite to deal with and may well leave you with one of your new favourite products! 



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