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Monday, 9 July 2012

TRESemme Split Remedy Review

Todays review brings the newest additions to the TRESemme hair care collection - their Split Remedy. This is the first range by any brand that claims to repair split ends with upto 80% reduction in just 3 uses. I recieved a free sample with a recent Dorothy Perkins order and I couldn't wait to try it out.

My Typical Hair Care Routine
When I was younger I used to religiously straighten my hair everyday without the use of any kind of heat protection and my hair has only just seemed to have recovered. I rarely use any heat on my hair now as I can't stand the look of split ends. Luckily I have naturally wavy/curly hair so on an average week my hair will only suffer from heat every other day when washed - I tend to just blowdry my roots as the rest will naturally curl itself. Occasionally (and I mean very occasionally!) I'll straighten it, but I'll just do it once and this will last a couple of days. Even though I barely use heat on my hair, I always seem to suffer from split ends! I'm not one to get my hair cut very often either, which is the only time they ever get chopped off, so the new TRESemme range has got me very excited!

The Products
The Split Remedy range I sampled consisted of a shampoo, conditioner and a leave in treatment

'When used together, Split Remedy Shampoo and Split Remedy Conditioner will gently cleanse and condition while mending split ends, leaving your hair noticeably smoother with frizz free, healthy looking ends. new Split Remedy range, proven to reduce split ends by up to 80% after just 3 uses!*
*Lab test on damaged hair tresses with split ends. Split Mend Shampoo used in conjunction with Split Mend Conditioner.'

Split Remedy Leave-In Treatment is a lightweight leave-in treatment that can help to produce truly amazing results. Used through lengths and ends it will help mend split ends and restore moisture and softness. Protecting the health of your hair and leaving it visibly smoother, this star product can be used on damp hair or the ends of dry hair for added conditioning throughout the day. Split Remedy range, proven to reduce split ends by up to 80% after just 3 uses!*

Me being the stupid person that I am, forgot to take a photo of the condition of my hair before I started using these products, so you won't be able to tell the difference (sorry!), but my split ends tended to reach around 2cm from the tips of my hair. Unfortunately the samples are just 10ml which is nowhere near enough to test out the claim of 80% reduction after three uses. I'd normally use 10ml in one wash, but I managed to stretch it out for 2 uses to try and see some difference.
But, thankfully, just two washes has made a HUGE improvement to my hair and I've noticed a huge difference. My hair feels a lot smoother, and I've even had a compliment from one of the girls at work today about how smooth it was and that was just after one wash! If anything, it's just the very tips of my hair that could still be improved upon! The leave in treatment has also left me with more volume in my hair, which is always an added bonus! 


Some photos of the results!!

Other Products in the Range
Whilst looking online for prices and photos, I came across two other products which are also in the range.
A Split Remedy Serum, which I think it more of any everyday product and can be used on dry hair rather than wet like the leave in treatment (this is the only difference I can see anyway!)

The other product is a Masque, which I believe is more of a nourishing product and repairs and revitalises your hair in general aswell as your split ends.
If I'm completely honest, I think these two products are very similar to the leave in treatment which I've tested and won't add improvement to the regime of the shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment. If you were to use just one of the three alternative products, you'd get the same results (and save money!)

Superdrug - £4.99 each for 500ml of shampoo/conditioner (average of 50 washes per bottle) and £5.99 each for the leave in treatment, serum and masque.
Boots - £4.99 each for 500ml of shampoo/conditioner (average of 50 washes per bottle) and £5.69 each for the leave in treatment, serum and masque. All of these are currently part of a 3 for 2 TRESemme offer!
Tesco CURRENTLY HALF PRICE AND £2.49 EACH FOR 500ML OF SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER GO GO GO! And £5.50 each for the other three products.

Will I Be Purchasing?
Yes! This is more than I would usually pay for shampoo and conditioner, but the bottles are larger than I would normally buy which possibly makes it cheaper for me in the long run! I am going to Tesco right now to hunt some down!!!


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