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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

#NOTD - Topshop Threadbare

Adorable Packaging!
103 - Threadbare
Final Result
My first Topshop Nails purchase has been made. After eyeing up the to-die-for colour range every time I've been in Topshop, I finally gave in the other day and I am so glad I did. These retail at £5 (£4.50 for me with student discount - hurrah!) and I can't even count how many shades they come in. I've started off my collection with a subtle, neutral shade that will go with anything; 103 - Threadbare. I didn't want to start off with anything too daring as I was trying out a new brand, and I've been after this sort of shade for a while - I tend to be drawn towards slightly drab colours if I'm honest! I'd describe this as a light sort of latte shade; it's stunning!

Coat One

Coat Two

I've applied to coats to my nails, but this wasn't entirely necessary as just one coat gave a lovely opaque look. If I'm honest, the second coat was just for peace of mind. The polish is a breeze to apply; it comes with a short, sturdy brush which glides over the nails and gives brilliant coverage - I wasn't messing around with little strips down the sides of my nails like I end up doing with some polishes. The consistency is thick without being gloopy, and this is what I love in a nail polish; it doesn't make a mess. It does have a bit of a smell to it which is a bit stronger than other brands, but it doesn't stay on the nails once it's dry. It also dries really quick and I wasn't sitting cautiously afterwards incase I felt like I was going to smudge it. 
Overall, I'm really impressed with this polish, and will 100% be adding more of the Topshop range to my collection!

Base Coat - Barry M 3-in-1
Colour - Topshop Threadbare
Top Coat - Barry M 3-in-1


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